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Setup your own Trust

Every Trust has a purpose, an aim to be pursued and a goal to be achieved.
With hundreds of trusts established and hundreds managed, our professional Trustees are available to assist you 24/7.

The most common structures
Ephelia has established

Private Investment Trust (or Syndacate)

The private investment trust could be described as the evolution of the holding company in private equity or venture capital investments. Evolution means that this kind of trust operates in the same way as an investment fund and, although there is an investment committee, the guarantor of investments and approved strategies (including administration) remains a third party entity which is the Trustee. This vehicle encapsulates the simplicity, malleability and costs characteristic of an unregulated fund, but at the same time provides an independent, guaranteeing vehicle for investment participants.

Corporate Trust

The Corporate Trust is a very popular vehicle for all corporate finance transactions that require an institutional level of professionalism. With a Corporate Trust structure, Ephelia makes it possible for corporations and other entities to manage complex corporate transactions by providing participants with an experienced and committed third party professional Trustee. Ephelia provides total independence and impartial management focused on the desired outcome, combining years of experience, resources and expertise to allow participants to focus on their core business needs.

Private & Family Trust

A will has always been the natural act for regulating the succession of one's assets and activities to spouses, civil partners or children, but it cannot be used to assign them to the next of kin while the settlor is still alive. One way of doing this is to set up a family or private trust, a simple yet efficient way of structuring your succession in an orderly manner but also of managing your assets while you are still alive. At Ephelia, we have over 20 years' experience in structuring estate and asset protection trusts using the best legal frameworks available.

Escrow & Blind Trust

There are conditions where a conflict of interest blocks day-to-day operations or even prevents doing a deal that would have benefited all parties involved. An Escrow Trust or a Blind Trust may be the solution to allow a conflict of interest to continue with complete peace of mind while remaining in full compliance with the law. In this case Ephelia not only guarantees total impartiality in the management of the Trust but can provide complete reassurance of the quality of its managers in making the right decisions at the right time.

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