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Ephelia Platform

Ephelia Corporate is an innovative platform specifically designed to provide structured solutions to professionals and institutions that need to extend or outsource a range of products for their clients.

We have created a customisable ecosystem with a specific focus on Corporate, Asset Protection and Financial Vehicle Structuring services that will lighten your workload and expand business opportunities for your clients.

This ecosystem of services not only supports your day-to-day operations, but also helps you expand your business reach and generate new opportunities.

Ephelia can work alongside you or in the background globally offering a white-label solution

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Ephelia Platform

Setup your own Trust

Investments, corporate matters, family protection and escrow solutions. A tool for everyone managed by professionals. 

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Tokenisation & Listing

Tokenize, list on the primary market and trade on the secondary market.

A comprehensive service with Ephelia.

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Setup your own Fund

Create your own investments fund, starting from the simple SPV up to the ETPs fund via Certificates and LPs

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Fintech Licenses

Creating a fintech requires tech, financial, institutional, risk management and cyber-security skills. We are here to support you 100%

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Ephelia's customers are

always our first priority


The Ephelia Group is characterised by its eclectic and innovative approach to the corporate and financial services industry.


A story that began in 2000 in Italy but soon evolved through London into the most important financial capitals of the world.


A team of senior managers from London to Hong Kong via Switzerland, Europe, USA and New Zealand.

The Group
Ephelia Professionals Club

Club does not mean network

The Ephelia Club is exclusive and a true community where finance, legal, fiscal and corporate professionals together shape, implement and deliver customised solutions and services to their clients.


Selection is not automatic. Not everyone can be part of the Club. Be a participant means: highest quality and professionalism. Admission is free and there are no annual fees. 

Ephelia Club

Common vision and high professionalism throughout. Joining is challenging, leaving is automatic when the concept of community and quality is not respected. 

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