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Setup your own Fund

Establish and manage your own VC firm or Investment Fund with Ephelia.
The most comprehensive service you can find on the market at the best costs and fully available to receive investments from 48 hours after your request.

Choose and Execute

SPVs (Syndicate/Club Deal)

Our SPVs take advantage of the Club Deal (Syndicate) model by including a specific structure that makes investing in one or more opportunities efficient, segregated and fast in execution.
Our SPV solutions are designed and differentiated according to the type of project. Angels, VC firms and Portfolio Managers benefit from these solutions designed and fully customisable to their needs.


Ephelia Structured Certificates are the ideal tool both for Portfolio Managers and Fiduciaries who want a professional tool to distribute to Institutional and Professional Investors without incurring prohibitive costs but also for Traders without a license that after having tested their strategy through an SPV decide to make the transition to the institutional arena.

The certificate has an ISIN code and can therefore be accessed by investors' banks. The price can be published on Bloomberg and can be listed on a Stock Exchange if requested by investors.


Very similar to the certificate in terms of distribution and recognition structure, the GP/LPs formula has the main characteristic of being registered in Luxembourg and therefore in a European jurisdiction and of allowing, under the same GP, the structuring of different LPs that can therefore follow very different strategies. The limitation of this structure is that the sum of the LPs cannot exceed EUR 100 million.

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Bespoke your Fund


Let's structure your fund together with any requirement/customisation satisfied

Legal Documentation


Production of legal documentation (Offering Memorandum/Prospectus/T&C)

Compliance & Risk


Production of legal documentation (Offering Memorandum/Prospectus/T&C)

Asset Manager (Advisor)


Production of legal documentation (Offering Memorandum/Prospectus/T&C)



Production of legal documentation (Offering Memorandum/Prospectus/T&C)


ETPs are the main instrument in our product range for raising capital for alternative strategies (including crypto). 
A structure that is supported and highly appreciated by the institutional market but accessible to retail clients in Switzerland and Europe thanks to the option of listing on local exchanges. Very similar to ETFs, ETPs can easily manage issuer risk through the collateral agent. 

Management & Distribution

If NO Asset Management license is available, our Customers can act as Advisors and will be supported by Ephelia Capital, our Swiss registered Portfolio Manager.
Regarding the distribution of the investment product, all our Customers are supported by the Elviria platform and Quid's payment services.

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