The Trust Business is highly attractive to Professionals and Financial Institutions which focus on Asset Protections, Successions and Wealth Management.

Ephelia Group is specialised in providing highly professional and value-added services to who is wishing to exploit the opportunities that the Trust Business offers.

For this purpose, "Trustee-as-a-Service” has been developed: A product specifically structured for Professionals and Financial Institutions that wishing to explore such an opportunity, but that are unwilling to take all the  associated risks.

The product structured by Ephelia provides:

Expertise: An entire team of experts in all the required areas (international tax, legal, finance and administration) is available to shield the bank from all risks related of being a Trustee.


Independence: Total independence is guaranteed to both the settlor and the protector without losing sight on the bank's purpose of managing the assets of the Trust.


Financial Services: Ephelia offers the unique service of being able to insulate the provider from the risks embedded in a Trust.

White-Label/Co-branding: Our Partner can opt to instruct Ephelia to provide the service in:

  • White-Label: the Client will always perceive our Partner as the service provider.

  • Co-branding: The Client is informed that the service provider is a third party in partnership with our Partner.