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Ephelia world at a glance

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A bit of history

2000 - Corporate

At the request of large Italian retailers, the first corporate services for the Internationalization and Development of English-speaking markets were created. The London office was opened.

2006 - Trustee

Asset Protection services are launched. We have helped in creating wealth, now the focus is on managing and preservation. Nearly a thousand companies in our portfolio and now registered as Professional Trustees with HMRC. The Milan office is opened.

2009 - Fintech

The world is changing fast, and so are the needs of our customers. We are authorized by the UK FSA to offer Payment and Asset Management services through innovative technologies that enable superior performance. Our offices in Auckland and Lugano are open.

2016/18 - Exit

For two consecutive years first Forex SICAV on DB Select ranking. First Fintech to be admitted to Bank of England for British Sterling Pound settlement. With over $1B in AUM, in 2016 began the process of selling off the various departments ending in 2018 with the sale of the group.

2020 - Ephelia

After two years of development and the acquisition of the Trust Department from a major European banking group, the Ephelia Group was born. Operating in seven countries to offer the expertise gained from over 20 years of hard work and remarkable results.

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A team at your service

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