It is a natural process for a professional who wish to expand the range of its services in order to complete and fully satisfy the needs of its clients.


Ephelia Group specialises in providing highly qualified, value-added services to professionals who wish to take advantage of the opportunities provided by our Corporate services to complement their offering and increase their client base.


To this end, "Corporate-as-a-Service" has been developed.

A range of products specifically structured for Professionals who are inclined to pave this route without incurring in  the fixed cost of hiring or entering in partnership with other professionals, with all the associated risks.

The product structured by Ephelia provides:

Expertise and Integration: A whole team covering expertise in all the required areas with the aim to offer a complete service is available to professionals in order complement their offering.


Financial Services: Ephelia offers the unique service of being able to ring-fence the professional's responsibilities from the necessary requirements of providing financial services to the client such as current accounts and the related banking services (escrow accounts, etc.). There is a clear segregation between the professional responsibilities related to the service offered by the partner and the ancillary financial activities indispensable to offer a complete service.

White-Label/Co-branding: Our Partner can opt to instruct Ephelia to provide the service in:

  • White-Label: the Client will always perceive our Partner as the service provider.

  • Co-branding: The Client is informed that the service provider is a third party in partnership with our Partner.

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